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Keci Monique`

CEO & Founder


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Date of Birth:

January 3rd

Coaching the Masses

Transformation & Results

As a result of working with Keci Moniquè girls and single women will thrive in their singleness, be the best version of themselves, master the dating process, learn the creativity of serenity before marriage, as well as the EmpowHERment for thyself.


Girls and women will feel inspired, established, and educated on the power of healthy relationships.


I am looking for women who are interested in standing in their power to enhance the quality of their relationships through EmpowHERment, creativity, and liberation from generational disparities to generational love, health and wealth while overcoming the hinderances of their past.


Who do you know?

Keci Moniquè is a relationship expert, speaker, authoress, and entrepreneur. As a high-energy speaker, she presents challenges to her audiences to captivate their focus to hone in on what matters most in relationships. She brings unique perspectives from her personal arsenal of experiences to EmpowHER women from around the globe.

Her goal is to amplify the factors of communication, intimate connections, and confidence for the most unyielding affection in keeping relationships thriving and abiding in serenity. Keci Moniquè brings a heart of integrity, creativity, purpose and passion to every event.

Keci Moniquè is committed to providing high-quality coaching to single women to be empowered to thrive in their singleness while mentally and emotionally preparing for marriage. In the Coach and Client relationship, we will establish a creatively collaborative partnership that will guide you in achieving your goals.

Work Experience & Education

January 2018 - Current

The Ruth Factor, LLC

CEO & Founder

Founder of The Ruth Factor, LLC. I am Affinity for Love Coach, who is committed to providing high-quality coaching to single women to be empowered to thrive in their singleness while mentally and emotionally preparing for marriage.

January 2016 - Current

Pink Lady Couture, LLC

CEO & Founder

Founder of Pink Lady Couture, LLC. Create print designs for t-shirts and other apparel items.  Develop, execute and follow-up on concepts for art including all changes and processes required by client. Prepare graphics for client presentations. Shop the market to research and identify current trends and present competitive data as it is related to their prospective area of responsibility to establish key objectives for the brand and/or designs. Manage and oversee the overall design process to ensure that lines are meeting the style plans, sales needs and emerging trends. Conceptualize and create compelling designs for a variety of products. Party and event planning services, creatively design centerpiece designs, party favors, invitation packets, and more. 

February 2012 - January 2018


Child and Family Comprehensive Assessment (CCFA)

Family assessments are used to assist decision-making regarding placement of children entering foster care. A formalized assessment known as the Child and Family Comprehensive Assessment (CCFA) is initiated soon after the child enters care. The child and his/her family, both immediate and extended, are engaged in the assessment process. Family-centered approaches such as Family Team Meetings and Multi-Disciplinary Team Staffings are effective ways to involve the family in assessment, planning and decision-making around the needs of the child. The Family Assessment is the foundation of the family case plan and will also assist judges, CASAs (Court Appointed Special Advocates), Citizen Panels, and other providers working with the child and family to gain a better understanding of the:

  • Degree of parent-child attachment and placement where the child feels a sense of belonging

  • Child's extended family as a potential resource for support and/or the placement of the child

  • Family's history and/or patterns of behavior; e.g., prior Child Protective Services (CPS) involvement or foster care placements, past experience with handling crisis, problems with addiction, criminal behavior, etc.

  • Strengths and resources from which the family can tap

  • Core needs of the family which, at a minimum, must be changed or corrected for the child to be safely returned within a reasonable period of time

  • Probability of the child returning home or the likelihood of an alternative permanency plan

  • Identified medical, emotional, social, educational and placement-related needs of the child

  • Provided life coaching, lifeskills, and self-advocacy training

Currently working to add this service to The Ruth Factor, LLC. 

November 2008 - December 2011

Los Angeles County Probation Department

Detention Services Officer 

Held the status of sworn, peace officers in the Probation Department. Supervised the activities of minors who are detained in juvenile halls. Served as a member of a small team responsible for the order and security of a unit of probation youth, transports minors to medical care facilities and/or courts or other locations, and provides situational counseling, as necessary. Possessed the ability to physically restrain combative probation youth.

Essential Job Functions

  • Supervises detained probation youth in their activities within the unit, on work assignments, during recreation periods, on medical or dental appointments, or awaiting court appearances.

  • Maintains order and control of a unit and takes appropriate action in connection with rule infractions or other disturbances.

  • Maintains institutional security and takes appropriate action to prevent escapes.

  • Supervises the movement of probation youth within and outside the facility.

  • Controls and restrains combative or emotionally disturbed probation youth.

  • Observes and records the behavior of probation youth and confers with the supervisor about problematic probation youth.

DeVry University

Class of 2009

Bachelor's of Science

Criminal Justice


Argosy University

Class of 2012

Master's of Arts

Forensic Psychology

Thomas University

Currently Studying

Clinical Mental Health


Clinical Rehabilitation Counseling

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