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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Building in group segments to learn how to  support each other. The group process allows participants learn by implementing through presentation, academe materials, and hands on activities. Create a shared community, foster collaboration, and provide accountability and support.

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Her Story

It all started with the Founder & CEO of The Ruth Factor when she struggled with building healthy relationships in her life.  She always knew that there had to be a better to be in relationships with people, but an even better way to be in a relationship with her significant other, who is now her husband, She calls him her Boaz. 

In the midst of it all, she has built the muscle needed to assist women who are single and are looking to get married. Her goal is not only to help you fix your life, but help you stand in the power that God has called you to as a woman without fear.  Her belief is that all marriages deserve serenity. Ultimately, Keci Monique` is in the background working to build marriages that are indestructible through the Power of God and that will last until death do you part. 

She has been married one time previously. Although she struggled with maintaining healthy relationships in the past, she has been blessed to overcome and have that marriage that flows effortlessly. The Grace of God has covered her marriage with her husband, Jerome a.k.a. Boaz or Bro'az. Because of how God has blessed her, she is prepared to help you walk in the same wisdom that blessed her to get her Crown of Beauty.

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Donyell Francis

Founder & CEO

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Emily Morgan

Office Manager

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Catheryn Johnson


Barbara Avery

Business Tech Support

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Lisa Rose

HR Manager

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Vanessa Carmichael

Founder & Business Owner

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